Self Employed



Creative consulting and design mentoring for designers & small businesses: E-commerce website UI/UX design and maintenance, SEO, photo styling, video documentation and editing, using design apps, using Instagram and Pinterest for e-commerce, interior design, graphic design, package design, brand identity


Sisters Gulassa Design House

Remote (2.2014 - present)

Co-create projects for clients; video, fashion design, print design, product design, brand identity, logo & package design, web design.

UI/UX Web designer, video marketing

Austin Press

San Francisco, CA


Designing and maintaining retail and wholesale websites. Video documentation of Austin Press’s production and creative process. Mentoring the owner on website maintenance and SEO, set up and management of  Instagram and Pinterest shops. Art direction for photo & video shoots, video marketing.

UI/UX Web designer, video & email marketing

Urban FarmGirls

San Francisco, CA


Re-designing and maintaining websites. Video documentation of Urban FarmGirls garden designs. Mentoring the owner on website maintenance, SEO & management of Instagram. Photo & video shoots, video & email marketing.


Tartlet Bar by

The Rogue Traders

Southern Oregon & 

The Bay Area

 (04.2014 —03. 2019)

Wendy was the founder and farmer for the Tartlet Bar by The Rogue Traders. She created extraordinary organic frozen vegetarian meals. Her seasonal tartlet collections, Rogue duck eggs and 100% grass-fed lamb were sold at farmers markets and delivered to stores  and individuals in Southern Oregon and the Bay Area. Ingredients were sourced from her family farm in Oregon.  Wendy managed and marketed the business, cooked all of the tartlets at the farm, made the deliveries and helped raise the animals while her mother managed the vegetable garden and the ducks.


The French Victorian

San Francisco

(12.2013 – present)

Designing and maintaining website and Airbnb listing. Photo and video marketing on Facebook and Instagram. Hosting guests from around the world, mentoring new and seasoned hosts. Started a host exchange program in 2020.


Sisters Gulassa

International Design House

Remote (08.2011—02.2014)

Licensing, project management, sales, client care, trade shows, artist direction packages and budgeting. Co-created projects for clients; fashion design, print design, product design, brand identity, package design, web design. Traveled for trade shows and direct sales.


Shadow Light Project

Caldera Arts 

Sisters, OR (August 2011)

Students analyzed modern media and dissected the needs that media and advertising create in young people and weighed that in against their actual needs. Each group created their own 'Shadow Light ' performance based on these investigations (forty Junior High Students).


Leonard R. Flynn Elementary

San Francisco, CA


Arts Program creator, administrator and teaching artist, wrote curriculum to meet the standards, organized and trained parent volunteers (in both Spanish and English) to teach a ten week arts program in all second grade classes (fifteen adults and eighty students).


Montalvo Arts Center

Saratoga, CA

(2005, 2010, 2013)

AUGUST 2013 'Cinematic Shadow and Light' - A multi disciplinary; visual and performing arts camp for 9-13 year olds. A cinematic exploration into shadow and light. Students performed behind a large 6x9 ft. screen, where humans interacted with larger than life, handheld ‘puppets’ and objects. Hand drawn visuals, spoken word, storytelling, music, acting and dancing came to life behind the big screen. Students developed their own play based on their inquiry of scientific questions that intrigued them


AUGUST 2010 ‘Conservation Transformation' and 'Eco Arts' Fine Arts Camps; used recycled and found materials to inspire new uses, new art forms and installations outside. Both classes focused on the students creative process and collaboration (twenty students 5-12 years old).


AUGUST 2005 'Young Artists in Residence' Fine Arts Day Camp; creating environmental art on Montalvo’s wooded trails, (thirty students, 10-13 yrs. old).



San Francisco, CA

(01.1997 -12. 2005)

An environmentally informed practice merging ceramic, raku fired sculpture and video to create place based, immersive experiences. Numerous events, awards and gallery exhibitions throughout the Bay Area & L.A.


Levi Strauss & Co

San Francisco, CA

(03.1993 - 07.1997)

Managed design teams in creating the boys and girls fashion lines. Traveled to Europe, Asia and within the US doing market research multiple times a year to actively research current trends in color, textiles and styles. Created seasonal color palettes, designs and art direction packages for graphic and print designers. Responsible for overseeing the design spec. and artwork packages for production overseas. Presented seasonal product lines to merchandising teams and Levi's CEO's. Traveled to factories in China, India and Pakistan managing sample production and quality multiple times a year.


Grenouille French Vintage

San Francisco, CA


A family owned business importing what we call 'French Junk'. Old farm furniture bought from flea markets in France  and sold out of a warehouse in San Francisco and at flea markets along the West coast.


Dalva (Bar & Hideout)

San Francisco, CA


A family owned business; a little dive bar in the Mission district with an awesome 'Hideout' in the back we call Dalvita.


Arts Administration

Program creator, grant writer, manager & teaching artist

Leonard R. FLynn Elementary School

San Francisco, CA

(2011 & 2012)

Arts Education in Public Schools: A community engagement project collaborating with Shadow Light Productions. The science of light collided with the imaginations of third grade students, connecting literacy, science, theater and visual arts to an ancient form of storytelling. Inspired by traditional Balinese shadow puppetry the students experimentation with the medium informed their collaborative journey. The performance was presented several times both in English and Spanish to the school community and the greater public (five weeks, eighty students, two artists and several community members).


Program creator, manager, grant writer & visual artist

Literacy For Environmental Justice

San Francisco, CA


A community engagement project in partnership with Literacy For Environmental Justice; Youth in residency with artists over a period of two years created a body of artwork exploring environmental and social justice issues facing the community of Bayview Hunters Point in San Francisco. The project was a collaboration with several artists and the youth from Literacy For Environmental Justice.


The project was made possible with funding from: The San Francisco Arts Commission, The LEF Foundation, The Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation, The San Francisco Foundations-Koshland Program


With generous support from: T-Mobile, Motorola, Dan 'The Automator' Nakamura, Literacy For Environmental Justice, The EcoCenter, The Port of San Francisco, The African American Arts And Culture Complex; Sargent Johnson Gallery, ART 94124 Gallery, Zeum: San Francisco's Children's Museum and many generous volunteers.


Program creator, manager, grant writer & visual artist

San Francisco Department of The Environment

San Francisco, CA

(June-August 2007)

A Community Arts Collaboration with the Mission parents group and students from Leonard R. Flynn Elementary to create an interactive public sculpture made from scavenged materials from the mission neighborhood of San Francisco. Made possible with grants from: Scrap Eden SF and a Zero Waste Grant - San Francisco Department Of The Environment.



AA Degree Fashion Design

Magna Cum Laud


Studied artistic, technical, and theoretical elements along side fashion sketching, creative design, computer applications, draping, and pattern drafting using state-of-the-industry technology


UI & UX Design Course - & General Assembly, Women and Negotiation - Berkeley Extension, Article Writing and Non-Fiction Writing 101 - Gotham Writers Workshop, Business Operations Financial ManagementFood Craft Institute, Intro To Financial Accounting - Wharton University of Pennsylvania, Vegetable Gardening, Growing Micro-greens, Raising Lambs, Goats & Chickens - Oregon State University Extension, On-line Marketing Fundamentals - LinkedIn.


Design Thinking, UI & UX Design, Conversational French, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, After Effects, Project Management, Sales, Grant Writing, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Art Direction, Stylist, Hospitality Management, Digital Video, Sculpture, Installation Art, Book Layout, Raising Ducks, Lambs and Chickens. Food Management, Fund Raising, Keynote, Word, Website Design, Mentoring, Team Management.


New Pioneer Magazine 2019, Miss Cheesemonger Blog Interview & Review 2017,  Heritage Radio Network 2017, The Arts Political Interview 2010 Identity Theory Interview 2009, L'Art De Voyager Interview 2006, Eclat - Japanese Magazine Feature, Croissant - Japanese Magazine Feature, Sculpture Magazine, San Francisco Style Book, Family Spaces Book, San Francisco Kitchens Book.


Southern Exposures - Alternative Exposure Grantee 2012, National Arts Strategies Future Leadership Fellowship 2009. Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation Grant 2009, San Francisco Arts Commission Cultural Equity Grant 2008, LEF Foundation Grant 2008, San Francisco Foundations-Koshland Program Grant 2008, Zero Waste Grant - San Francisco’s Department of the Environment and Scrap Eden SF Grant 2007. Redwood Forest Foundation Award 2005