Affordable Design, Digital Creation & Creative Mentoring

for Artists, Designers & Small Businesses

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Pay what you can when you need help

One on one design mentoring to help you reach your goals


First hour is Free


Sliding Scale

$40-$75 per hour or

Project based services starting at $150​


Think of me as your backup. I'm passionate about empowering others, so we'll work together to create whatever it is you need.


As small business owners we know we can do it all, but there is never enough time in the day to do it all.


I'm here to help as much or as little as you need.​​ Just text whenever you have questions or need help.​​



Complete website design, maintenance & mentoring. We'll design it together or I can do it all for you. It will be beautiful, exactly what you want and it will function fluidly on the back end.

I can help you learn how to style the photos & videos for your site. 

I can set up the skeleton of your site and make sure you have the knowledge to navigate and update the site on your own,  whenever you need a little help I'm here.

Then its maintenance, text whenever you need help.

We can work together once or 10 times, it just depends on your needs and how involved you'd like to be in creating and maintaining your site.

First hour free

Hourly Sliding Scale: $40-$75 per hour or

Starter package = $800 (3 basic site pages + 1 hour of web design mentoring + 1 hour of free maintenance )


I take your footage and edit it for you or teach you how:

One on one mentoring learning how to create and edit videos for  your website or social media using apps on your phone or ipad. 

First hour free

Hourly Sliding Scale: $40-$75 per hour or

Starter package = $250 (editing your footage for a 60 sec video + 1 hour of editing mentoring using the video leap app)


Need help styling photos, videos or your space? We'll work together remotely via video to make your shoots a success.

First hour free

Hourly Sliding Scale: $40-$75 per hour or

Starter package = $150 ( 4 hours of mentoring, can be broken up over a few days)


Let's get you set up and understanding how to use both of these for your small business.

We'll set up your shop and make sure you have the knowledge to maintain it.

First hour free

Hourly Sliding Scale: $40-$75 per hour or

Starter package = $500 (skeleton set up for one site + 2 hours of mentoring + 2 hours of free maintenance 


I partner with Sisters Gulassa Design House to create all or part of a brands identity:

Graphic design, package design, web design, interior design, print design, fashion design, creative direction.

Let's connect to discuss your needs.


Whether you're thinking of becoming a host or already are one, get one on one mentoring for your specific needs. I'm an Airbnb Ambassador & I've been a SuperHost since 2013. I'm super passionate about empowering others to use their creative skills and empty rooms to generate long lasting income for themselves and their family.


Now is the perfect time to plan for your future and get the house cleaned out and organized. If your kids are off at college, your retired and want to travel more or just have an empty house every once in a while, you'll love hosting people from all over the world.

When you use the link below to "Become A Host" your mentoring is free thanks to Airbnb, they have asked me to help others become Airbnb hosts. As an Airbnb Ambassador I earn when you become a host. With the link below, I can help you on your journey to financial freedom and help you with any of the following; setting up your listing, how to set up your house for hosting success, tips for welcoming guests, creating photo vignettes, videos, instagram page or website.

Are you a Superhost already and desperately need some trusted back-up so you can take a break? Send an email with your listing and lets connect.


Schedule your 1st Free meeting.

Think about your goals and send me links to what inspires you.

Next we'll discuss your needs and your vision to see if we're a good fit.

You just found backup! Let's do this together, send an email below to get started.



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and more are in the works...