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Wendy Testu’s design and product development experience spans over 20 years, ranging from web design, photo styling, sculpture, installation art, and interior design to digital video and fashion. She’s an exceptional project manager, self starter, a good listener and above all a visual storyteller. Wendy has founded and managed small businesses, worked in the corporate design world and was the director of a small international design house. Her community engagment projects involved working with non profits and public schools, writing grants, and managing people from diverse backgrounds. Testu’s passionate about creatively mentoring small business owners, helping them streamline their digital vision so they can focus on their e-commerce presence. Consumed by the crossing of digital and analog design she moves into both realms effortlessly and inquisitively. Wendy thrives in the unknown and the ambiguous; grit, patience and positivity are her realms

"She walks effortlessly between the analog and digital worlds." 

E. Achtalber

"Working with Wendy is the most amazing experience. She is so talented and resourceful and passionate. She makes everything come together, and while I know it is not effortless, she performs as as if it is all a breeze. Everything is resolved to perfection with her. No matter how tricky or against the grain your design requests may be."


Wendy Testu is the ultimate partner in website, social media, design, and all of the goodies that go along with slow living." 

Kim Austin

 Austin Press

San Francisco, CA

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